They Told Jill That She Would Never Run Again


I met Neil Denaut just a few short weeks after I arrived in San Diego, California.  I had suffered an injury to my knee in January of 2013. I had a total knee replacement which caused residual numbness in my leg and my quadriceps muscle was completely non-functional.  I had limited movement and motion of my right knee.  I was told by two physicians that my motion would never improve due to scar tissue and the nerve damage. They were unsure whether I would ever regain quadriceps function and stated that the best thing would be to move to a warmer climate and learn to live my life in my compromised state.  At 47 years old this was devastating especially since before my injury I had been a triathlete and half marathon runner.


When I met Neil I was unsure if he could help me, but he assured me that he could improve my function.  After one session with him, I no longer walked with a limp and my ability to climb stairs improved greatly.  I sent my physical therapist of two years a video with my progress and he was in awe.  In four sessions, Neil has me pain free.  I still have some stiffness and tightness but that is improving with each session.  I had chronic swelling in my knee and thigh which has subsided.  Neil has me able to walk without pain and I can walk my dogs daily which I could not do prior to moving to San Diego.  Neil actually has improved my motion, function and the scar tissue which was keeping me from doing many activities I enjoyed is decreasing with each session we had.

I was told that my days of running and riding a bicycle were done.  I was told that I would just need to accept my life as it was.  Well Neil has made it possible for me to realize that I don’t have to live a compromised life. After each session I was able to do more and more activity. One of my biggest breakthroughs was being able to run a short distance again PAIN FREE, which I was told that I would never do again.  Neil’s techniques with Muscular Re-Calibration have been my miracle and I am now able to run 10k without any problems.  Thank you Neil for being my miracle!!


Jill P. San Diego



Michele Was a High Level Gymnast and Her Body Began Fighting Back

Here is her Experience With Neil and MuscleTherapy

Diana thought that she was unfixable. Her injury took her joys of swimming and dancing away from her:


Vee was in so much pain and could barely walk. Here is her testimonial:




Kristen is a runner and all around fitness enthusiast. She had to stop working out and running because of pain. Please read how Muscle Therapy helped her:


Another great testimonial from a client about Muscle Therapy. Thanks Kristen!

I was referred to Neil with Muscle Therapy San Diego by a mutual friend. I’ve been having issues with my glute not firing causing tightness in my hip flexor. Usually every 4 to 5 months, I’m dealing with an injury. In addition, I was also feeling a lot of inflammation throughout my body for the last 7 months making it unbearable to do my weekly workout routine and sit comfortably at work (requested a standing station).

I routinely do specialized chiropractic care (Toftness Technique – no pop/crack), massage, acupuncture (the last two months to help with the inflammation) and when needed, I’ve also done Active Release Technique. Nothing truly seemed to be helping so I figured, let’s try this! I will try just about anything to get rid of pain. Why not? You have nothing to lose right!? If anything, it will work and you will feel better!

I was certain if anything, he could improve some muscle function. Well, just after 2 sessions (1 hour each) with Neil, I have better range of motion, my glute and hip flexor have loosened up and the inflammation/pain has settled down near to none! It has also helped with my plantar fasciitis in my feet too. Neil is awesome to work with as he stretches your muscles out and happily explains to you in detail how this technique works and can benefit your body long term.

The technique is a hands-on therapy that restores full balance back to all of your muscles when they just chose to stop working on their own.

I’m excited to get back into my usual routine and most certainly will continue with Neil to recalibrate my muscles on a more monthly routine basis. My body requires maintenance to keep me going’….. just like your car needs maintenance, so does your body! Keep your body in good health as you only have one in this lifetime! I’m grateful that he offers a monthly maintenance plan at a nominal fee! If it worked for me, it could most definitely work for you!


Karen has spent a lifetime in the gym but could never seem to get her body pain free. Here is her testimonial:

Karen’s Story


Hi Everyone, I would like to give a shout out and great big thank you to Neil J Denaut for the amazing bodywork that he did on me last week. A quick backstory on my situation…I have always led a very active lifestyle and along with that came a few crazy injuries.

 Over the years the injuries have taken their toll so for many years I have suffered with chronic shoulder and neck issues. And to a lesser extent occasional knee and ankle pain. I was what you might call a “lifetime chiropractic patient” In addition I have tried physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, and anything else that I had hoped would work.

All of these treatments provided very temporary relief at best. I met Neil about 6 weeks ago and he explained to me that he is trained in a new modality called Ki-Hara. He explained that is allows him to rebalance your body, therefore allowing free flowing and painless movement of your joints/ muscles etc. He told that he usually fixes most people in one session but results may vary! Well of course I was thinking…yeah right! But I thought what the heck I will give it a try!

 The end result was after one hour long session I stood up after my treatment and my body felt completely balanced (which it had not felt in many years) the stress and pain in my neck and shoulders were gone and I had a range of motion in my neck that I hadn’t had for years. 

What’s even better is that today is day seven and my body still feels in perfect balance without pain. Also, my stress levels are much less!

I honestly cannot say enough good about Neil and his technique and I encourage anyone who is suffering from any type of pain or muscular or structural issues to please reach out to him and let him help you. You’ll be glad you did! Thanks Neil for giving me my strength and mobility back, I could not be happier!

Dale Feels like She’s 40 or even younger: Here is here Testimonial


Dale Bach and Neil Denaut II

Neil keeps my body pain free with his weekly sessions. My body turned 67 years old December 29th, 2016.Thanks to Neil my muscles are stronger, my belly is flatter than ever because my core is finally in shape and no more back and shoulder pain… He does work that I used to have to go to Brazil to see John of God to do. Thank you Neil ! You are loved. You are an amazing healer that really cares and that gets results.


Sandy was in a lot of Trouble and She was moving Pain Free in just 2 hours of Muscular Re-Calibration work-


THANK YOU all for your Help

I highly recommend the Instant Healing of Muscle Therapy by Neil J Denaut II. I had never heard of Muscle Therapy before Neil and when you are in so much pain, you will try just about anything. I remember hearing ladies at Women’s Wisdom talking about how he helped them. So, I decided to give him a try and I am so happy I did. Neil J Denaut II changed my life. He worked on me for over 2 hours and when he was done, I was walking around and out of pain. What he does will take away your pain and change your life. I am so thankful and grateful to him and to all of you. Muscle Therapy is a Must, for getting rid of pain. He said he wants to be a part of my rebirth and I’m excited about the transformation and what he has been doing for me. Neil J Denaut II is a Miracle Worker.

-Sandy Sanders, San Diego


“Neil is a fabulous therapist, knowledgeable and has helped me so much! It’s because of him I feel so good. If you are lucky enough to work with him, you will understand how special and talented he is.”

-Melissa Crawford, San Diego