A great sampler package for all new clients. Body Restore 3 -in- 1

Start your transformation with a 30 minute hour Muscle Re-calibration session, reinforce your new posture with a 30 minute Personal Training, and 1 stretch class admission for continued results!

You are not stuck where you are!!! 

Our 90 day “Fit and Free” transformational package will help you to turn your life around in just 12 weeks!

Do you avoid activities because of an injury? Maybe a back or knee problem is keeping you stuck in the same place..

Our new program is the most comprehensive restoration and training program there is. Each week you will receive:

  • 1 hour of Muscle Re-calibration stretching to bring your body back from that painful place
  • 2, 30- minute personal training sessions that will keep you from going back to an injury and will sky rocket all of your exercise results
  • Drop-in admission into any stretching class for continued flexibility maintenance. 

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We are offering this program to the first 3 new clients for HALF OFF!!! WOW!!!

Look no further, here are the answers with your body that you have been looking for!




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Muscle Therapy San Diego is officially moving its Mission Valley office into Xplicit Fitness, beginning December 15th, 2017!

We have combined forces to bring you the next phase in exercise preparation, pain relief, and performance.

Xplicit Fitness is a phenomenal facility with some of the best trainers in the area!

Our new office will feature multiple treatment areas, along with added programs and services such as:

*Corrective personal training
*Power plate
*Stretch and restore classes
*Fascia buzz
*& more!

A great foundation enhances and accelerates fitness results.
We are committed to re-calibrating bodies and launching them into their best shape ever!

Xplicit Fitness also features the healing expertise of Syntruvia Acupunture. Look no further if you want to get into the best shape of your life.

Muscle Re-calibration, Personal Training, Group exercise, and high-level healing.

After 90 days your body will be fully prepped for ANY fitness Activity!

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Give us a call at 619-736-8995 or email muscletherapysd@gmail.com

Xplicit and Muscle Therapy, a perfect match!!