About Neil Denaut II

Neil Denaut II  is Internationally Renowned Master Trainer/Educator who has been helping people to overcome pain and transform their bodies for over 17 years. With his 25,000 plus in-session hours, Neil was successfully able to identify and combine all of the most powerful corrective exercise techniques into one “ground-breaking” injury recovery system now known as,

 The Muscular Re-Calibration system (MRS).

Neil also has extensive training with Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, Corrective Exercise, Health coaching, Pre/Post Natal Women, Seniors, Children, and Athletes up to the Elite Level.

Moreover, in 2014 when Neil arrived in San Diego, he began using this system for helping people that lived with Parkinson’s disease (PD). His profound results with even the latest stages of PD had Inspired him to continue helping others affected by Parkinson’s. The results have been astounding!

The Muscular Re-Calibration System provides POWERFUL and LONG-LASTING results in an extremely FAST time period. While a majority of his work is hands-on, his clients also receive elite exercise and conditioning training to further enhance the longevity of their results. These techniques can be used on ANYONE* and will work 100% of the time!

* (results will vary based on a few variables)

Neil has dedicated his life to helping others to live their lives Free of pain. If your daily life activities are affected by pain, then he would love to help you.