Our Approach

Your body is a precise machine. Learn how it works, how we restore it, and why Muscle Re-Calibration works better than anything else .

Pay close attention to this picture. Everything is perfectly in place and in order to maintain the integrity of the structure. It may not be the most optimal way to balance it out however, it works.

This is exactly what happens in our bodies throughout our days. One muscle creates a high demand due to over-usage and the rest of the body has to coordinate in order to allow that muscle to carry out its purpose.

What happens when even the smallest piece fails? We experience pain or damage. If you were to put this back together, would just putting the one ball back on the beam fix the problem? No it would not.

It may return it back to where it was before it broke but it still is in distress. Furthermore, the rest of those muscles (in the picture’s case marbles) have to shift again in order to do something to keep it all from falling apart after the break or damage.

Now we are dealing with 3 scenarios:

1. What pushed this structure over the edge?

2. What happened to rest of the balls after one part failed?

3. How did it get this way in the first place?

Along the way pieces shifted and counter shifted to create the scenario as described. In the case of the marbles we can probably just put it back together. Well, in the body we just can’t snap pieces on like legos and expect a total restoration. There are other working parts the must be addressed as well.

The answer as to how this happens in the body may not be as important as the solution. My success as a Muscular Re-Calibrator says that we must see where the body is now and continue to work backwards until it all balances out.

If the body can be influenced to shift into one position, then it can be influenced and taught to shift backwards. With the use of Resistance Stretching, we can create immediate length in our muscles in a profound way. We actually lengthen our muscles all of the time however, as we shift we can only stretch in relationship to the body’s new range of motion.

So what does this all mean in layman’s terms? 

It means that we need to begin lengthening the body where it needs to be lengthened first. The muscular re-calibration system has sequences for that, however, we need to assess the body through movement and muscle testing in order to find that out. The body will always tell us what we need to know!

As we systematically re-calibrate muscle groups, the end result is a significant change that has a domino effect throughout the body. This means that everything that shifted because of tightness shifts back because we lengthened (stretched) our muscles.

The end result is increased optimization in our muscles’ ability to work. The more that we continue to re-calibrate, then the more that this increases.

What does this mean to you?

It means effortless movement, increased ability to do the things that you love to do, it can restore your posture, reduce pain, strengthen your muscles, strip toxins from muscle tissue, allow for fluids to move throughout the body better (ex lymphatic fluid), and make you feel like you did years ago.

If you have aches from sitting all day, perform a sport at a high-level, or just want to live life GREATER, then call us immediately and we can make the changes that you need in order to live your best life forward!

Your body has all of the answers, we just remind it of what it has forgotten.

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