Our Approach

Most injury occurs when your body has lost its ability to adapt to a movement or posture, and it causes another part of the body to suffer. Everything in the body is a precise system. Over time, the body learns our favorite movements, and adjusts accordingly. The muscle relationships all over the body have to adjust to keep the systems in balance. Traditional methods focus on the point of damage and not the systems that led to it. Most practices will ask the client to strengthen a weak muscle as a way to create greater strength in the muscles. Our approach is to change the balance in all of the muscles that are creating a weakness and damage. We do this by re-calibrating the muscles using eccentric contraction stretching.


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So what does this all mean in layman’s terms? 

The muscular re-calibration system will determine the correct sequences to get you relief. This is done through careful assessment and manual muscle testing. Next, we begin re-calibrating each muscle group so it creates total balance in your body by using the Resistance Release Technique.

The Resistance Release technique lengthens your muscles by forcing a them open while you squeeze them. Throughout most of the session, you will be asked to squeeze and hold a muscle so it can be stretched. As we continue to do this and follow the sequence, balance is restored all over your body, and pain disappears. The body will always tell us what we need to know!

As we systematically re-calibrate muscle groups, the nervous system adjust the rest of the body accordingly. This means that everything that was tight will become much looser, and our muscle function dramatically improves FAST!

The end result is increased optimization in our muscles’ ability to stretch, move, and strengthen. The more that we continue to re-calibrate, then the more that this increases.

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What does this mean to you?

It means effortless movement, increased ability to do the things that you love to do, it can restore your posture, reduce pain, strengthen your muscles, strip toxins from muscle tissue, allow for fluids to move throughout the body better (ex lymphatic fluid), and make you feel like you did years ago.

If you have aches from sitting all day, perform a sport at a high-level, or just want to live life GREATER, then call us immediately and we can make the changes that you need in order to live your best life forward!

Your body has all of the answers, we just remind it of what it has forgotten.

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