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Are you living in OVERWHELMING pain that you cannot get rid of?

Have you been told that there is nothing else that can be done in order to help you to feel better?

If this is you, then chances are that you could use a Muscle Re-Calibration.

Muscular Re-Calibration has helped Neil to eliminate Serious, Debilitating Injuries in thousands of different bodies.

He has helped People with injuries when others have failed.

The Muscular Re-calibration System (MRS) is a Revolutionary approach that has helped thousand of people to dramatically increase their athletic abilities, get into shape faster, and even to get out of pain!

The Muscular Re-calibration system will restore your body back to its most balanced posture and function leaving your body in it’s most optimal learning state.

Imagine wiping your computers hard drive clean and installing the properly functioning software/.

That’s what we do at Muscle Therapy San Diego!

Once your body is Re-Calibrated it soaks up all of the new information that we give it and you can transition immediately back into your favorite LIFE activity.

Muscle Therapy San Diego is owned by the creator of the Muscle Re-calibration System, Neil Denaut.

Neil has a 18 year career and over 35,000 session hours helping people TRANSFORM their bodies.

He has worked with Elite Athletic Companies such as IMG Academies, Under Armour, NFL Players, Marathoners, Tri-Athletes, Elite Fencers, Crossfit Athletes, Elite Swimmers, JR. Formula 1 Racers, Golfers, and has helped the weekend warrior to achieve the best shapes of their lives!

Neil also has become an asset to the Parkinson’s Disease community with Muscle Therapy.

Muscle Therapy works on anyone no matter what stage of their illness is.

This approach is so effective because he can tap into the client’s nervous system and the body will adapt IMMEDIATELY!

The results speak for themselves! Just read about some of our Testimonials

You have found the answers that you have been looking for!

Make the Investment into your body for a LIFETIME of physical GREATNESS!

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Choose to LIVE with physical EXCELLENCE and Go For The Gold!

give it Muscle Therapy!

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