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Session Packages& Rates

Consultation and Intro Session

Mobility Analysis and Muscle Testing: $75 We will take you through a series of movements and hands-on isotonic stretching.(Approx. 25 minutes) 
You will feel a difference even in just 15 minutes!


Basic Recalibration -

4 Sessions of Total Body Muscular Recalibration (approx. 55 mins)

Great for moderate aches and pains. This package is great for pains associated with repetitive activities like sitting, texting, or driving.

Also great when used for starting or, enhancing a Fitness program.

Works awesome for pain that has been present for less than 3 months.
Cost: $699

Pain No More -

You don't have to just deal with it. You can get rid of it and get back to living!

Have you been struggling with an injury for a few months? Does it keep you from your favorite activity and feeling comfortable?

This package is for a pain that just won't go away and is keeping you from your favorite activity. 

The package includes 8 sessions (approx. 55 mins each) and is great for creaky, zappy, and stuck bodies. 

This is the "minimum" recommended amount of sessions recommended for an injury lasting more than 3 months.

Cost: $1199

Physically Free -

It's been a long road and if you're tired of feeling like you used to be strong then, I recommend this package for you. 

This package includes 12 sessions of Muscle Recalibration (approx. 55 mins each) along with a basic strength and conditioning program. This is personally designed to help you to move your body into a stronger, more fit, and pain free being. 

Muscle Recalibration incorporated with a great Fitness program is the key to restoring your body and reaching new (or old) physical heights. 

I've seen hundreds of bodies change their current state and their physique for the future in just 12 weeks of muscle recalibration in combination with a great personalized fitness program. 

There is no substitute!

Cost: $1599

Single Session (approx 55 Min) $200 

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