Based on: 
"The Denaut Muscular
Re-calibration System"
-Neil Denaut - Author/Owner

We re-calibrate your Muscles, so that you can get back to livng!



Most of our clients report feeling 85% or better in less than 3 sessions.

Muscular  Re-Calibration will restore your muscles with the nervous system and essentially, “turn back the hands of time.”

As we re-calibrate your body you will immediately have more control over your muscles, get stronger, and continue to do so. 

Now your body is ready to take on exercises and activities that it used to do with ease. Furthermore,

because the signals with the nervous and muscular system are so strong your progress will happen

in 10 times faster than traditional methods.

Restore your body and give birth to a new, stronger YOU!

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Flexibility done for You

Need more flexibility in your exercise routine?

Don't have enough time (or desire) to take Yoga?

Maybe your body's flexibility keeping you back from reaching the next level?

Well, then let us stretch it, so you can create it!

Muscle Therapy San Diego is now offering monthly Stretch memberships that will significantly improve your flexibility, immediately restore/improve muscle strength, and blast-off your workouts in as little as 2 hours a month!

You will not find this service anywhere else. 


Build and Keep Your Body Strong


If getting back into shape is your goal but, you're concerned with getting injured, then we have the right programs for you. 

Our “Effective Exercise”  programs all begin with restoring your body's athletic foundation. This will remove pain or injury, improve your body's natural strength before we ever begin exercise,  and will provide you with exercise results with every session. 

There is no replacement for expertise when it comes to keeping you safe. 

Our company was born under the Mission of providing the best in corrective exercise solutions, programming, and results.

Book your consultation now and see for yourself!

Get back to living today!



Stop Pain


Most injury occurs when your body has lost its ability to adapt to a movement or posture, and it causes another part of the body to suffer. Everything in the body is a precise system. Over time, the body learns our favorite movements, and adjusts accordingly.

The muscle relationships all over the body have to adjust to keep the systems in balance. Traditional methods focus on the point of damage and not the systems that led to it.

Most practices will ask the client to strengthen a weak muscle as a way to create greater strength in the muscles. Our approach is to change the balance in all of the muscles that are creating a weakness and damage.

This done by re-calibrating the muscles using Eccentric Muscle Stretching (EMS).




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