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The Muscular Recalibration System (MRS) uses a specialized stretching technique to consistently reset the muscles, so the body can self-correct.



Homeostasis corrects and monitors function throughout the body. It regulates how a living organism adapts to its surroundings. Over time, our bodies become over-leveraged, and mechanically inefficient. This is an adaptation that we can correct by using this system.


The MRS uses “eccentric based stretching,” in order to fully release all muscle tension and restore neuromuscular efficiency to optimal levels.


As a result, our clients can experience 1. Improved flexibility, 2. Improved muscle strength, 3. Improved health and wellness. 


Muscle Therapy is not a substitute for Medical Care, and you should see a Medical Doctor for any Medical symptoms you may have.


Neil Denaut and affiliates of Muscle Therapy San Diego provide clients with a “non-therapeutic” approach towards their overall physical well-being.


Non-Therapeutic Muscle Health is fully permissible under the Business and Professions Code Sections 2052, 2053.5 and 2053.6.


Int ____I have not experienced any recent trauma and I have not been advised by a doctor to avoid exercise or stretching.


Int ____I have not been diagnosed with or experienced any of the following:  Spinal Joint Instability, Spinal Diseases, Vascular Injury,

                Spinal Infection, Excessive Pain when Stretching, Spinal Inflammation or Spinal Joint Effusion.


Int____ I understand that I must notify Neil Denaut II in writing if any of the above occur in the future.


Int ____I understand that I am responsible for checking in electronically every visit.


Int____ I understand that Non-Therapeutic Spinal Health is not licensed by the state and that Neil Denaut II is not acting as a licensed physician.


Int____ I understand that a copy of this written agreement will be available to me at any time within 3 years upon request.


Int____ I understand this is an open-ended consent and that my signature applies to this date and all future dates that I receive MTSD sessions.


Int ____I have reviewed all the provided information and I would like to begin Muscle recalibration sessions with Neil Denaut II.

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