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I first came to Neil after 3 years of excruciating back and neck pain. My condition (cerebral palsy) has kept me in a scooter or chair for most of my life.
No one could help me. Hope seems to be fading that I would ever live without pain again. 

Neil worked tirelessly to find a solution to my pain and after several weeks or treatment, I was pain free, and have been feeling great ever since.

I see him weekly now just to sure that I never go back to where I was.
I now enjoy my life without pain. Thank you Neil!

                 Mike R., Chula VIsta

I underwent a full knee replacement in 2013 prior to meeting Neil J. Denaut. The results of my surgery left me without any feeling in my right quadriceps muscles and was unable to walk normally. 

As a marathoner and tri-athlete, this was devastating to me because, it meant that I would never run or do the things that I loved again.

Within 10 sessions, Neil was able to restore my body to where I was able to run again, and without any pain.

Since then, I have returned to full activity and couldn't be happier! 

Thank you Neil for being my miracle!

Jill P. San Diego

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"Neil Denaut II

- Muscle Therapy of San Diego- helps me to keep my body young at the age of 68 years young with our weekly sessions. 

I was also dealing with chronic back pain for years until I met him.

His work helps my muscles to fire stronger and it has made my workouts amazing!

Neil is truly an amazing healer.  He has helped my body to turn back the hands of time. 

Dale B. San Diego


I am a 43 year old crossfitter and have been working with Neil for nearly 2 years. 

His work has been essential in helping my body to perform at its best. Every time that we work I set a new personal best at my next workout. 

I recently overcame a shoulder injury thanks to Neil's help as well. His work speaks volumes and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

Michael L. San Diego

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